LiquiBand® Standard

A safe and effective method for rapid and secure wound closure.

LiquiBand® Standard

LiquiBand® Standard
LiquiBand® Standard

Key Features

LiquiBand® Standard removes the need for dressings and acts as a water-resistant barrier so patients can shower without compromising the wound closure. Perfectly suited for use in the Emergency Department.

Key Benefits

Perfectly suited for use in Emergency Departments

  • LiquiBand® Standard contains sterile butyl cyanoacrylate, designed for closure of clean fresh wounds where the edges are easily apposed and not under tension.
  • Has a precise application tip that provides controlled application.
  • Seals the wound and removes the need for dressings.
  • Acts as a water resistant barrier, patients can shower without compromising the wound closure.

Design Features

Design Features

1 Precise Applicator Tip

  • Precise and controlled delivery, ensuring excellent cosmetic outcome

100% Butyl Cyanoacrylate

  • Rapid and strong closure
  • Helping to improve on treatment time and patient experience



Stronger = More Secure1

100% Pure Butyl Formulation
This means LiquiBand® has a strong secure closure with low viscosity ensuring an even, thin layer can be applied. Perfect for wounds to the facial triangle.

Tensile Strength (N)

Rapid Set Time2

3x faster Set time than Derma+Flex®
LiquiBand® has already successfully closed over 5 million wounds.

Average set time in seconds
Testing based on lab bench studies

Sizes & Codes

LiquiBand® Standard 
ProductProduct CodeNHS SC CodeVolume per EachEach per Box
LiquiBand® StandardLB 0002FVF0510.5g10


1. Stronger = More Secure – AMS developed tensile strength method was performed 2. Rapid Set Time – Comparison was done using a laboratory bench test, on wounds LiquiBand sets in approximately 30 seconds.
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